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Netherlands Horse Rescue 2006
By:With the wonderful music of Vangelis
Date: 10 July 2009

October 31th 2006: More than one hundred horses were surprised by a heavy storm in the northern part of the Netherlands. 18 horses drowned, the rest of them got stuck on a very small island. People feared for the lives of many more horses. The first rescue attempt with the use of a boat failed because the boat got stuck into the sand. Things didn’t look good.

In the mean time the horses got desperate, and were fed by the use of a boat. Then, with a bit of luck, the water resided a bit. This was the perfect change for an unique different approach. A small group of women with horses would try to lure the more than one hundred horses to make the crossing.

November 3th, 14:00, the rescue begins. Is this going to be a success or a drama were more horses will drown?

Although 18 horses died a few days earlier, it really became a happy ending, all the horses made it to dry land!