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Burrowing Owl Recovery Program, BC
By:Burrowing Owl Conservation Society of BC
Date: 25 March 2009

We are a non-profit society whose members want to help with the conservation of species and habitats in BC. Our members come from many backgrounds. Some are scientists, others have business backgrounds, many are students. In short, we come from all walks of life, but we share a common interest in wildlife and nature


The BC Recovery Goal is to establish viable populations of at least ten pairs at four separate locations.

The recovery approach for Burrowing Owls in British Columbia focuses on the production of young owls from a captive breeding stock and their release as yearlings into suitable habitat where artificial burrows have been installed.

The success of the program requires three coordinated efforts:
- captive breeding programs
- releases and associated activities including research and monitoring
- stewardship/education.

Identify important habitat features for nesting and foraging for owls

Work with landowners concerning the habitat trends that may influence or affect Burrowing Owls