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The Regal Swan® has a column on this site called Ask the Swan Specialist where they answer questions from swan owners and swan lovers worldwide. Based in Orlando, Florida, The Regal Swan®, Inc. is committed to the humane treatment and veterinary medical care of captive swans. The Regal Swan® researchers recently identified bacteria causing swan flocks in the U.K. and the U.S. to turn pink in color and were instrumental in pioneering the use of vaccines to mitigate swan deaths due to botulism and the West Nile Virus. More about the Regal Swan®


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Journal of the Regal Swan® in England, summer of 2007

Journal of the Regal Swan® in Moscow, summer of 2007

Slide Show:  Pictures of the Regal Swan® in Orlando, England and Moscow

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More about the Regal Swan®July 2007, The Regal Swan® researchers traveled to England at the invitation of Her Majesty’s Swan Warden, Dr. Christopher Perrins and Her Majesty’s Swan Marker, Mr. David Barber to participate in the historical swan-upping along the Thames River. The Regal Swan® research team collaborated with swan experts throughout the U.K. and helped capture, vaccinate and exam more than 800 wild swans at the Abbotsbury Swannery. The Regal Swan® researchers were also asked to assist in capturing 65 swans along the Thames, during an oil spill.


Shirley Bolin, a research team member, went on to visit Moscow, Russia to collaborate with swan keepers at the Moscow Zoo. All research data is being compiled for a veterinary medical book specifically for swans.


The organization has received the National Daily Point of Light Award, as well as the Governor’s Point of Light Award, for their dedication to the care of swans. The researchers have authored a book on the care of captive swans, entitled Swan Keeper’s Handbook: A Guide to the Care of Captive Swans by Krieger Publishing, released in 2003.


In 1999, six researchers, known as the Regal Swan® Project, began studying and documenting the care of swans in captive settings such as hotels, resorts, golf courses and other related sites. During the course of their investigation, the researchers learned that Dr. Wade G. Gardner, a Lakeland, Florida veterinarian, had pioneered the use of a vaccine to mitigate swan deaths due to botulism. Pfizer Animal Health and the researchers conducted testing which showed a sustained level of antibody response to the vaccine by the swans.


Furthermore, DNA Sequencing was undertaken and concluded that a protozoan which causes eye cysts in humans was of the same genetic makeup that causes eye cysts in swans. Incorporating under The Regal Swan® Inc., further research is being conducted as well as the development of an international science and reading curriculum. This curriculum is geared towards all ages from pre-K thru Adult to enhance the knowledge base of the sciences as well as the care of captive swans by the general public.


The Regal Swan® team includes Shirley Bolin, photographer, Dr. Christopher Brown, Sheila Bolin, Orange Lake's swan keeper*, Dr. Geoffrey Gardner, Dr. Fanchon Funk and Rebecca Webb Wilson, photographer.


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*Located next door to Walt Disney World® Resort, Orange Lake's flagship location in Orlando was established in 1982 by Holiday Inn® Founder, Kemmons Wilson. It offers four unique resort villages situated on more than 1,400 acres and is home to over a half dozen mute swans.



FAQ by the Regal Swan® in their column Ask the Swan Specialist

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Journal of the Regal Swan® in England, July 2007

Day #1 (Part 1) - Visiting Windsor Castle and The Swan Lifeline Rescue Ctr

Day #1 (Part 2) of the trip - Emergency: Oil Spill in Reading

Day #2 - The Royal Swan Upping along the Thames

Day #3 - At The Abbotsbury Swannery

Day # 4 - Using Kayakers to Round Up Swans for Capture, Medical Exams

Day # 5 - Swan Upping At The Abbotsbury Swannery


Journal of the Regal Swan® in Moscow, July 2007

Day #1 - Meeting with Moscow Zoo Officials
Day #2 - Veterinarian Hospital And Breeding Station Of The Moscow Zoo
Day #3 - Meeting with the Curator of the Moscow Zoo

Day #4 - Patriarch Pond and Gorky Park

Day #5 - Swans at the Moscow Zoo


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Press Releases

Lake Eola Park Swans Given Veterinary Exams by The Regal Swan® - Oct 30, 2007

Feeding and Veterinary Medical Program at Lake Eola, FL - August 20, 2007

Florida Swan Researchers Identify Bacterium Causing Swans To Turn Pink - April 9, 2007
Florida Governor's Points of Light Award to The Regal Swan® - April 13, 2006

Award to The Regal Swan® re: Humane treatment of captive swans - Jan 20, 2006

The Regal Swan® Awarded Prestigious U.S. Daily Point of Light Award - Oct 28, 2005


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FAQ's Answered by the Regal Swan®

Journal of the Regal Swan® in England, July 2007

Journal of the Regal Swan® in Moscow, July 2007

Slide Show: Pictures of the Regal Swan® in Orlando, England and Moscow


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