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Re: Care for wild swans in extended cold weather
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 11 January 2016

Hi Bill:

The swans will usually fend for themselves, but if they are young swans and don't know how to migrate or can't find another area, they may stay in your pond. There are several things you could try:

1. Harrass the swans to see if you can move them along to another area before severe inclement weather fronts are predicted. The problem with this is that you may move them to an area that has absolutely no water or shelter.

2. You could break the ice if the pond freezes, but this means that you would have to perform this procedure several times throughout the winter and could be dangerous to humans when trying to undertake this procedure.

3. The best solution is to install a small aerator/de-icer for the pond. This will keep the pond open on an annual basis and no human intervention would be necessary from now until the future.

4. Should they become entrapped on the ice, you can try to effect a rescue, but again very dangerous and since the swans are wild and can fly, less likely that they can be captured.

5. Do nothing and see how the swans fare this winter and then plan for an aerator next year. Unfortunately, these are the only solutions when dealing with wild swans because at anytime, they could fly and depart the area on their own. The Regal Swan

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