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Mute swan on the ice
Date: 1 January 2018

A mute swan has made its home at my parents pond. He is all alone. We have been in contact with two women from the Lancaster area and they are giving us advice on him. My dad has purchased a pump and that is keeping about a 15 foot circle open for the swan. The women advised him to feed corn, cheerios, kix. We are worried that is is getting too cold for him. There are a few small bushes he could hide between but not sure if any predators would get him there. He would be close to the water though. Also, my dad put a evergreen bush near the pond to block the wind but he stays away from it. He is cleaning himself and sits on the ice and swims during the day. Don't know what he does at night. The women told us that the water will keep him warm so as long as he has an area to swim in he will be okay. Just worried for him due to how cold it is here.

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