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Re: Properly caring for a scared swan
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 21 September 2017
In Response To: Properly caring for a scared swan (Emilie)

Hi Emilie

The swan is scared of the heron because he was hurt. He is ticked at your husband for capturing him. Your husband needs to continue going and working around the pond, ignore the swan until he starts to come near your husband. Then, your husband should throw him some bread, call his name and talk to him. The swan will get over his snit and will begin to accept him again. Even if your husband has to capture him for whatever reason, the swan will go into the ticked mode (usually lasts about 2 weeks) and will recover.

If the pond freezes or you get severe weather, you need to bring him indoors with a water feature until better weather returns. Or, you can place a de-icer/aerator in the pond which will help keep the pond from freezing and healthy. Just make sure there are no gears, straps, ropes, etc., that the swan can become entangled.

Finally, if you have to bring him indoors, try to pet him and calm him down while talking to him. He'll get used to you. Swans are not like ducks or geese, they cannot be readily domesticated. Swans own you, not the other way around.

You might also take 2 chairs and place them next to the pond. You and your husband need to sit by the pond, calling him. When he gets close, throw him some bread. As he gets more trusting, toss the bread closer to the bank until you can see if he'll come out of the water and even sit by you, calmly talking to him. Once he really trusts you, you might try to pet him. Eventually, he will understand that you are trying to help him and not capture him every time he is touched. Good luck and Enjoy! The Regal Swan

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