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How long can mute swans remember?
Date: 8 October 2017

Hello, I have a few questions regarding mute swans.

I was just wondering how long mute swans can remember?

And I live in Massachusetts; so the Stanley Park at my home state has a Swan, that I have gotten to know, and by that I mean, I know what he likes to do, and how he behaves, because I have been coming to the park to feed him and the other waterfowl, almost everyday for 8 years now. But his mate passed away long before I moved to Westfield, MA and he is actually one of the most cordial mute swans I have ever seen, in fact he even eats from my hand, and sometimes during the winter when there are not as many people vising the park I can actually pet him, so I was also curious if once a swans mate passes away do swans become more gentle, or is there a probability that he was always cordial like this?

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