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Lame Swan that can't get on land
Date: 11 March 2018


There is a female swan in our mobile home park pond that appears to have an injured leg. A concerned resident called the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary and they said that it may have been injured by an otter since they have seen an increase in them in the ponds in our area.

Due to the injured leg, she is unable to get up onto the bank of the pond; she is being fed grain in the water and is eating. We are raising the funds to have the Seabird Sanctuary come out and bring her to a vet in the area that specializes in birds. In the meantime, can she live exclusively in the water without undue stress? i have heard that birds are prone to health issues when under stress.... considering that this is the time that she usually builds a nest and lays eggs, we are concerned that since she is not able to, this may cause her some stress as well.

Any insight you have would be appreciated.


Concerned Bird Lover

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