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Re: Widowed mute swan
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 1 March 2018
In Response To: Widowed mute swan (MaryAnn)

Hi MaryAnn

He may leave the area permanently or he may expand his travels to include the present habitat as well as those in the immediate area. If he is chasing swans from his previous habitat, it is a good sign he is still going to maintain the area as his own. Having said this, there are some causes that could chase him from the area such as predators (especially if his mate was killed by a predator), lack of adequate shelter or food resources, or a younger larger male swan takes the territory as his own.

Male swans may or may not take another mate if something occurs to their mates. This is totally an individual attribute from swan to swan. It is also based upon how long the pair was together. If this was an established pair for many years, then the male may forego finding another mate. This is one of those situations that will occur a wait and see period to fully understand how it will progress. The Regal Swan

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