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Re: Splayed legs
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 31 May 2017
In Response To: Splayed legs (Marilyn)

Hi Marilyn

The Swan needs to be placed in water, i.e., a small bin etc., and see if his legs work normally. The vet also might need to use a hobble to get the legs to go back in place, although there may be no guarantees that the bird will be able to regain mobility. He may need intensive water therapy and you may need to see if there is a wildlife rehabber or facility in your area that can help.

The coyote issue is a tough one as the animals will return to finish the job with the entire family. The only way to keep coyotes and other predators out is to have a very high fence with poultry fencing placed under the bottom rails so that the predator cannot dig under the fencing. If there are bobcats or other such predators, then the entire fenced area will have to be enclosed top to bottom so that these creatures cannot climb over the fencing. So, the best solution is to provide a swan habitat including water feature (small pond) totally enclosed top to bottom in a safe enclosure with zero entrance, ample bank and non-stick substrate. The Regal Swan

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