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Splayed legs
Date: 30 May 2017

My male swan was attacked by coyotes. He is doing well on baytril twice dailey. He is in a large dog run out by the lake. His family comes and sits by him three times a day. The vet did exrays and his wings or legs are not broken. His legs are splayed out to his sides. He is not moving around. I have seen him eating the grain and lettuce I put in his water. He is getting stronger but I worry about his mobility. Would it be a good idea to put a small pool in the run to try to get him to use his legs? He is bedded on hay. What can I do to help him be more comfortable. He has been confined and on meds for seven days with at least seven more to go. We have lights and radio to keep the coyotes away as well as people to check throughout the night while he is healing. Any suggestions on helping him and keeping the coyotes away on a more permanent basis will be so very welcome

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