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Wild swans at Lost Lagoon?
Sub Title:Miki and Fiona

I found your website about the swans of stanely park, great site ! I was wondering if you had any info on whether or not, now that the swans have been moved to a wild life reserve, there are any other wild swans that may appear at lost lagoon, and if so what time of the year they may stop by? I read in an article that wild swans may still make an appearance there. Thanks very much for any leads you may have.



Hi, Miki!

We're so glad you like the swans' website. Thank you for your question.

In the past, an occasional Trumpeter Swan or a pair would appear on the lagoon, usually towards the western end but they only remained for a brief time and none have come in several months.

Lost Lagoon is not attractive to wild swans because it's in an area where people are nearly always at close quarters, there is no natural food source for them (we had to feed the lagoon's Mute Swans for that reason) and the large population of River Otters presents a danger to them, as they did to our swans until they were relocated.

You can often find Trumpeter Swans around farm fields in the Fraser Valley, where they find grains and other natural food and possibly at the Westham Island bird sanctuary on occasion.

Don't hesitate to get in touch any time - your queries and comments are always welcome.


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