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Re: Nesting Swans
Date: 20 May 2014
In Response To: Nesting Swans (Heather)

Hi, Heather

I too had watched Thea (the swan nesting) and her mate Tristan proudly maintaining the nest as she added more eggs until she had five, then nurtured them in the time to come, turning them regularly.

The Parks Dept, instead of addling (shaking) the eggs as they sometimes do, to prevent hatching, went in the wee hours of the morning and removed all five eggs from Thea's nest. Addling allows the swan to continue to sit with her eggs until she realizes they're not producing, then she leaves the nest and it's not so traumatic but taking all the eggs away while the swans are there seems to me to be against accepted practice of good swan care.

Current conditions at the lagoon are truly not a good swan habitat, but wouldn't it be lovely if funding could be provided to make it good for the four remaining, and perhaps they could even be allowed to have cygnets once again!

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