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A New Resident at Lost Lagoon
Date: 27 June 2008

Our Wildlife Technician was on early morning rounds on June 12th, and spotted a new arrival at Lost Lagoon – a Snow goose. We’re used to seeing large numbers of Canada geese that stay during the summer months while molting and re-growing flight feathers, but not Snow Geese.

I hurried down to check out this newest resident. The pretty bird’s white feathers stood out like a beacon among all the brown. He most likely dropped out or was lost to the rest of the flock, so he may remain.

He seems to think he’s a Canada goose, and can often be seen among their numbers, taking his afternoon siesta. He’s much smaller than the other geese – about halfway between a Canada goose and a Mallard duck.

The swans, on the other hand, didn’t extend the warmest of welcomes (another white bird!) so he stays clear when they’re around!

The New Kid on the Block