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In Response To: Swans saved by Town of The Blue Mountains employees (Elizabeth Cornish)

[big]Swans frozen to the ground saved by TBM employees.[/big]

February 28, 2014
Town of the Blue Mountains Municipal Law Enforcement Office, Brenda Doyle, and Waste Water employee Scott Pendleton, saved the swans who were found stuck in the ice.

When Scott Pendleton arrived at work, he noticed that the swan in the parking lot wasn’t just standing quietly, it was stuck to the ground in the ice. He quickly called Municipal Law Enforcement Officer Brenda Doyle and the two of them worked to save not just one, but three swans who found themselves embedded in the ice earlier this week.

The first swan was found stuck to ground in the parking lot at Grey Street South. This swan was able to be removed and was carefully put in a cage and taken inside the waste water treatment plant where it received care from Brenda and Scott to warm and feed it. The picture shows the swan in the cage looking much better than hours before. We are happy to say the swan was released later that afternoon.

A second swan was found stuck in the ice on the pond. After careful monitoring, the swan was able to survive until the pond thawed enough for it to become unstuck. The swan has now been able to eat, drink and move around and is expected to survive.

Unfortunately, a third swan in the same predicament was not so lucky and we are sorry to say that it succumbed to the cold.
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