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Re: Swan pairing
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 28 November 2017
In Response To: Swan pairing (Kelly)

Hi Kelly

You need to immediately capture her and place her back in the pen.

If you do not capture her, there is a possibility that a predator in the woods will attack and kill her.

The swan needs to be kept in the pen for approximately 2 weeks to acclimate her to you (the swan keeper), the type of feeding system and feed you are using, the male swan and her new habitat.

Defensive behavior can mimic mating behavior, so you need to watch closely any defensive/aggressive behavior between either swan while she is in the pen and when she is released back onto the pond. You also need some rescue equipment, i.e., boat, kayack, etc., if aggressiveness occurs so you can rescue her.

Once she is released, and if defensive/aggressive behavior continues or she continues to leave the area in fright, you need to find her a good safe home as this pairing will not work.

If your male swan was previously paired and something hapoened to its mate, or it is a swan that has lived most of its life alone, there is no guarantee that he will ever pair with another swan. Certainly, no male swan should be introduced as both can be seriously harmed.

Usually, no guarantees, but usually 2 weeks in an introduction pen works when introducing a swan to a new habitat and another swan. The Regal Swan

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