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Separating cygnets from parents
Date: 4 September 2017

We have a mute swan pair that took up residence on the creek on our property (they belong to the farmer up stream, but they prefer the open water of the creek over the farm pond, apparently). We have fed this pair through the last 2 springs/summers and the farmer comes and gets them in the fall. This spring, "Ike and Gracie" had 3 cygnets and they all were part of our "family", and they have become quite familiar and comfortable with our location. I guess the cygnets are about 4 months old now and have been pinioned. (We live in Gettysburg, pa).

The farmer came and got them 10 days ago; they gave us 2 of the cygnets. We were told to keep them separated for 1-2weeks before letting them back out on the creek, so they don't go "looking for mama". We have them in a barn, have been giving them food and water and misting them down with water several times a day.

Question... How long should we keep them aside like this before letting them loose?

Please advise. Thanks!

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