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Re: Swan Eye Problem
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 22 February 2018
In Response To: Swan Eye Problem (Daryl)

Hi Daryl

You need to capture the swan and take her to a licensed veterinarian for examination and treatment. Swans get conjunctivitis (pink eye), just like humans. This is an extremely painful itchy condition and can be treated very easily with antibiotic eye drops. Eye drops are preferred over ointments because of the oil in the ointment can affect the natural oils in the swan's feathers which can interrupt water repellency. However, if an antibiotic eye ointment is the only drug available, it should be used on both eyes as prescribed. The infection should clear very quickly in several days and the swan will need to be housed indoors for the treatment period. Once the swan is examined and treated, it can be returned safely onto the pond. The Regal Swan

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