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Re: Companion for female black swan
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 15 January 2018
In Response To: Companion for female black swan (Rebecca)

Hi Rebecca

There are no guarantees that your female or any new swan that you may introduce will accept each other, especially since your swan has lived on this pond alone for many years. She is going to be extremely territorial of her habitat. We would suggest no other swan be introduced into this situation as swans do very well alone once something occurs to their mates. It is highly unlikely that she is still grieving or looking for her mate as animals do not grieve for lengths of time like humans as this would be detrimental to the species. Wildlife must immediately carry on with their lives because grieving severely limits the ability to carry on with daily tasks and survival. Australian Black Swans are very vocal and she may be calling out to you or other waterfowl species, not necessarily for another swan.

If you still want to try to introduce another swan, we would suggest another female as they should be less aggressive to each other. Notice, this is less aggressive, not necessarily non-aggressive. We would suggest you contact Wendy Hermon, Swan Support in Datchet, UK.

Wendy may have a rescue swan which may be a younger swan or at least know where you might get a young Black Swan. A younger swan may do better in your situation.

On another note, female swans, due to hormones can and will produce eggs, (obviously infertile if no male is available). So, with or without mating, female swans will produce eggs during the breeding season. Australian Black Swans produce eggs twice a year.

We hope this information is of benefit and that Wendy might be able to offer assistance. The Regal Swan

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