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Re: A new swan in the lake
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 13 August 2017
In Response To: A new swan in the lake (Tracey)

Hi Tracey:

More than likely, this is a young swan that has been chased from the nesting habitat by its parents in preparation for migration or the upcoming nesting season. Once cygnets (baby swans) are juvenile (approximately 8-10 months of age), they are displaced in order to find a potential lifetime mate and their own territory.

This new swan is probably a juvenile from another area looking for its own habitat to establish and has entered another swan's territory. This chasing will continue especially if the interloper is a male swan.

If you have concerns about the swan's safety, please contact Wendy Hermon at Swan Support in Datchet, U.K. She may be able to offer assistance to see if the new swan needs to be captured and relocated to a safer area. The Regal Swan

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