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In Response To: Question about the cygnets (danielle)

(This is a repost from a post I made in the "Ask Your Questions about Swans" forum but I am worried that I didn't put it in the right spot)

I am a frequent visitor of Lost Lagoon and I noticed that the wetland cygnet (who I have affectionately called "Stampy") has not been present lately. Today I saw who I assume are Tristan and Isolde (on the north side of the lagoon, just past the wetlands) and they were without their baby. I had seen the parents in the same place with Stampy just a few days ago.

The same is true for Mama and Papa's cygnet (who I overheard is called "Luna" and who I like to call "Lu"). I haven't seen Lu for a few days.

Have these two cygnets been taken to the vet for some reason?

Thanks in advance for any reply.
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