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Re: sleeping swan
Date: 7 July 2009
In Response To: sleeping swan (Barb)

Hi, Barb!

I'm happy to report that all 10 swans are lively and seem to really be enjoying the rain, even though they're rather soggy and stained at this time of the year.

Swans do love to doze! If you watch them over time, you'll notice they usually settle down for a siesta after having a good preen. They can sleep on the water, on a rock, or on land. I confess that in the beginning when I first saw a swan dozing on the water, almost flattened out with bill under wing, I went into "Panic Mode" - until he woke up, stretched and set to, chasing another swan with great energy!

There are barely-submerged rocks near the viewing platform before you come to the Stone Bridge where Mama and Papa Swan both doze, and another rock near an island on the northeast shore that Isolde's staked out - so you might often see them there, and others in convenient spots along the way.

Hope this sets your mind to rest, and thank you again for your caring!

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