Latest Swan News at the Lagoon

Swan lady
Date: 17 February 2013

She's back. Feeding and doting over her precious swans and yelling, chasing away and throwing wood or other objects at any other birds, including waterfowl, who come near. There are signs up all over Lost Lagoon advising not to feed the wild life though I concur that the Mute Swans are not native here, their wings have been clipped making them virtual hostages at Lost Lagoon, so I guess they are not strictly wildlife. However, this elderly woman with a strong Eastern European accent seems to be pushing it a bit far. The indigenous waterfowl also have a right here, actually a prior right because they are native species. She has no business harassing them. I hope someone from the Park Board is on her case to advise her that it is one thing to love and admire the swans (and they ARE beautiful) but that does not give her the right to harass other species just because she doesn't think they are beautiful.