Latest Swan News at the Lagoon

Remaining swans relocated (August 2016), now living at their new and wonderful "retirement" home
Date: 3 October 2016

For many years the beautiful Mute swans have graced the waters of Lost Lagoon, but over time conditions in their habitat have gradually deteriorated to the point where it's detrimental to their health and well-being.

Without grassy surfaces to walk on, their feet have ulcers from concrete and gravel, they are predated by coyotes, river otters, raccoons, off-leash dogs and alas, even humans.

Because Environment Canada requires pinioning (permanently cutting wings so swans can't fly) they are defenceless. Swans formerly placed in the Miniature Railway pond died of starvation when their throats were blocked by accumulated pine needles ingested from the water. The swans' numbers gradually decreased until only 3 remain.

A fine new location has been found for them (August 2016) where Tristan, Bijan and Marika will spend their remaining years in an ideal environment, being cared for by people well-versed in the care of swans. Although we will surely miss them, it would be selfish to deny them the many benefits of their new home; we'll hold their precious memory in our hearts, while wishing them a long and blissful "retirement".

The Swans of Stanley Park website will continue to exist as always, and you are always most welcome to post your questions any time.