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Re: what happened to babies
Date: 5 July 2009
In Response To: what happened to babies (Barb)

Dear Barb,
I'm so sorry to have to report that all 3 cygnets have been lost. As you may have read from previous posting, the first baby hatched (Mama Swan's ivory cygnet) was injured when crossing the lagoon path with Mama, to graze. Her injuries were fatal and she died a day later.

Tristan & Isolde's cygnet (wetlands nest) was deformed and died as a result of the abnormalities.

Marika's cygnet (on the little island) was also injured (night of July 1) and died. We are awaiting more details following lab analysis.

The mother swans are gradually returning to their normal routines, but it's hard for them - and heartbreaking for all those who have followed their progress through the nesting season up to the present.

Thank you for caring.

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