Swans Through the Seasons

Summer Swans
Sub Title:It Isn’t Easy Being Green

Today is cool and raining, and although that doesn’t put a smile on many visitors’ faces, it’s a happy fleet of swans we see scattered across the lagoon, bouncing on the windswept waves.

During the warm, dry summer days, the lagoon water level decreases. Swans perch on rocks and other spots close to the shoreline, still busily shedding old feathers and dozing in the sun while others dip their heads into the water in search of aquatic grasses, roots and other tidbits, and a new “species” presents itself – GREEN swans!

As they troll near the shoreline for food, their feathers pick up residue from the water - it’s always green in summer – no matter what the origin. Yesterday, Precious’ pretty mate Marika hurried over to say ‘hello,’ boasting an emerald keel and waterline that would put shame to a St. Patrick’s Day card! We’re not sure what she thinks of this latest wardrobe enhancement, but it’s only temporary and she’ll be her snowy self once again when the waters rise. Today’s rainfall should help our fleet to clean up their act!