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For cat lovers -- Admin -- 25 February 2008

For rat lovers -- The Observer -- 1 February 2008
This is my favorite picture of compassion: We are all made of the same energy.

For snake lovers -- Admin -- 1 February 2008

Cute Pictures of Animal Friends -- Admin -- 1 February 2008

Shark love! Amazing pictures of a friendship between a man and a shark -- Admin -- 27 January 2008
Click on the link below

Peanut the goat -- Colleen (South California) -- 3 December 2007
PEANUT lives in Grand Junction, Colorado with her other goat friends. She is not just a fainting goat, but she is a fainting, slightly retarded, handicapped goat... ...and it isn't easy being ...

NESSIE MEETS POLLY... -- Colleen (South California) -- 1 December 2007
THE FIRST MEETING... Now Nessie (the big one, and my god-gator) and Polly have lived together in Dick's trailer for months before this, but Polly was always behind closed doors. We're not sure if ...

Video: Lion Reunites With Humans -- The Observer -- 28 September 2007
Lion Reunites With Humans - Amazing Video This lion was reared by these men, but was then released into the wild in Africa. A year later they went to check on progress and this is what happened.

The Rainbow Bridge -- Admin -- 24 June 2007
Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of ...

The most beautiful video: Horse rescue -- The Observer -- 4 April 2007

SOCAL Reptile Rescue and Foster Center -- Admin -- 27 August 2007
Mission: Simply put our goal is to provide the highest quality care, health, habitat, husbandry, and increased well being for all reptiles. We also work to preserve and protect the local species and ...
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