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Polish Mute Swan Cygnets
By:Heidi <mylady_heidi@yahoo.com>
Date: 8 July 2011

I have been lucky enough to be photographing a Mute Swan family since about three weeks before the cygnets were born. It turns out that two of the cygnets are considered Polish Mutes because of their white coloring and pinkish beige feet. It is very exciting to watch these wild swans grow every day and I spent a considerable amount of time take pictures of the family. I was there the first day the cygnets swan in the cove, unfortunately I missed the hatching, although I went every day for three weeks I missed one morning due to a migraine and that was when they were born. I went later that day and they had already left the nest with two unhatched eggs left behind. There are four babies, two white and two grey. I just adore these birds and their parents who still hiss at me when I get a little too close. I would say where these pictures were taken but I trust no one and want no harm to come to my babies so I don't reveal their location. But I will add they have guards hovering over the, people who mean business if anything bad where to happen. That makes me feel very good. Hopefully all will be well and they will grow into beautiful adult swans and I can chronicle the experience.

Hugs Heidi