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NYT article "New York Wants to Banish a Symbol of Love: Mute Swans"
Date: 30 January 2014


"The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has declared war on mute swans — the jumbo, snow-white waterfowl with the long, graceful necks — which were introduced from Europe in the late 1800s for their aesthetic appeal. [it] set a goal to eliminate virtually all of the 2,200 swans in the state by 2025.

"To assuage potential critics, the state would let private landowners apply for permits to keep mute swans on their property, as long as they agree to prevent the birds from going elsewhere (for example, by clipping their wings) and to prevent the eggs from hatching. Mr. Swift even envisions situations in which public parks could retain some mute swans, on the condition that park stewards prevent their reproduction.

"The state would not just start shooting, but would seek permission from private property owners and from local and county governments to destroy swans on their land."