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Re: Wandering Male Swan
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 9 October 2017
In Response To: Re: Wandering Male Swan (Julie)

Hi Julie:

Glad that they are eating, but not sure about the apples and carrots. Apples have seeds that contain a poison that may be harmful to the swans. So, we would be careful about feeding them anything outside of lettuce. If the swans were eating out of the feeder at will, it may mean that they are now not getting enough food. So, you might want to go back to the feeder and only fill it half full. Mix 1/2 cracked corn and 1/2 poultry layer pellets. The cracked corn will provide them with much needed Vitamin A and act as a filler so they won't get as hungry. Vitamin A is required, otherwise the swans can develop neurological problems from being nutritionally deficient.

We hope that this information is of benefit and that this will solve the wandering. The Regal Swan

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