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Found a baby swan floating on its back
Date: 26 July 2017

So i'm curious, I was out fishing yesterday and stopped at an island. Noticed a baby swan on the waters edge, slowly got closer as to not anger the parents I didn't see yet. The parents never came...odd. The poor thing was stuck on its back and looked in bad shape, so I flipped him over, washed some of the caked on dirt off and tried to help him stand but it couldn't. So I took my shirt off wrapped him up in it and put him in the canoe with me. Called Tufts vet and they said i could bring him by...great! It was a longgg paddle back maybe an hour or so, I stopped in a little cove and put the little guy in the water figuring he'd take a drink, he swam around no problem taking drinks here and there for a bout five minutes. That seemed to put some life back into him. Welp a half hour later, as I called him, baby swan died. I felt really bad and was wondering if there was anything more I could've done to get him to survive? Also wondering what potentially happened to him in the first place? Thanks!

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Found a baby swan floating on its back -- Ryan -- 26 July 2017
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