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Male swan vanished
Date: 5 February 2018

Hello I had posted a few months ago that a male swan showed up at my dad's pond. We were concerned with the freezing temperatures, him being alone, and the predators that could be in the bush near the pond. My dad bought a pump so that part of the pond would remain open and that worked. The male swan, who had a bumb leg (he walked but not fast and with a limp), started calling and a female swan showed up about a month ago. The two were always together. They were making their necks intertwine and seemed good together. Both seemed very happy. A bunch of geese are now here as well. My dad would feed them twice a day. About a week ago, the two swans went to the rear of the pond. That is the part that is very close to the bush. There was a part that was unfrozen so they had an area to swim. On Sunday, my dad went over to feed them and they were together walking along the side of the pond closest to the bush. The next time he looked about an hour later he noticed the male was gone. He went over but it was snowing heavily and he couldn't find him. He didn't see any blood or feathers but like I said it was snowing. It is like he vanished. I also walked the border 3 times since and I can't see where there was any kind of struggle as if something got him. We are heartbroken that he is gone. I don't see why he would have flown away so we fear something got him but what ever it was had to be quick. The female is here and just calls for him. There are geese still around as well.

Also, how can I read if anyone answers this thread? When I go on to view other feedbacks I can't see them?

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