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Re: When to stop feeding?
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 4 October 2015
In Response To: When to stop feeding? (Cathy)

Hi Cathy:

Migration should start soon. If your area freezes, then you should stop feeding them and let them go about their business. However, if your pond is in an area that does not usually freeze, then you can continue feeding them as they may stay in your non-freezing pond. This will at least give them a pond that they can bathe, drink and feed during the winter.

We would think that you probably live in an area that freezes, so you might want to stop the feeding and see if they return in the spring. Usually, birds are pretty smart, even if you fed them, the call of migration and the threat of severe weather will cause them to leave for the winter. Please let us know how this works out and if they return in the spring. The Regal Swan

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