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Swan taps on our window
Date: 25 September 2017

We have a lake as part of our property (3 properties). We have two swans who have recently had six signets. They have recently began to come up to our sliding glass door, where the babies and I presume female are feeding. The male taps on our glass quite hard. At first I thought it was because he could see us and was being protective and warning us that they were there. But this morning, the curtains were still drawn at 7am and we were woken by the swan tapping on our window. Could this be the swans way of asking for food? Or is it still a warning/protection. We have been away for a few weeks, and came back the day before the signets were born. But our neighbours said that they saw the swan doing this before we came back, which was also before the babies were born. Just wanting to understand what is going on and whether we should try leaving out food for them. They eat the grass near the house.

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