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Re: Swan taps on our window
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 26 September 2017
In Response To: Swan taps on our window (Alison)

Hi Alison

You have spoiled demanding swans. They know you feed them, where you live and expect you to be on time and consistent with their food. You are not allowed to leave, it is all about them. Swans own people, not vice versa! So, the window tapping is a way to let you know you are late and the swans expect their food now!

We would suggest that you try to keep the swans near or in the pond. Swans wandering too far from the pond (swimming is their best defense) leaves the swans, especially cygnets susceptible to predator attack (wild--fox, coyote, raccoon, etc., or domestic--cat, dog, human). You might want to have them follow you back to the pond and feed them near or in the water. Eventually, they will learn that they are not getting fed near your window or away from the pond. That also depends that you are on time!

Other suggestions would be to have your neighbors feed the swans if you leave for a couple of days or leave some food in the pond that will sustain them while you are gone,. You might think of using a dog feeder type system that the swans can feed at their will and not leave the pond. If you search swan feeder on this site, you will see photos and explanation of how to set-up the feeder and teach the swans how to use it.

The last thing you want is something to happen to the swans at your window while you are gone and no one around to help. We hope that this information is of benefit. In the meantime, Enjoy your spoiled brats!😁

The Regal Swan

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