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Re: Swan still on pond
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 27 November 2017
In Response To: Swan still on pond (Suzanne)

Hi Suzanne

We have heard several reports in various areas about birds of various species not migrating during the normal migratory time. Some speculation attributes this late migration to hurricane Irma and the impact of being late in the season and possibility of disrupting the jet stream or other wind patterns. We would suggest to wait to see if the swan leaves before the next large cold front.

If the swan does not leave, then you might check with a waterfowl rescue group that might come out and see if there is something wrong with the swan. However, you must be extremely careful as to who you contact as federal and state wildlife officials are trying to eradicate (kill) the entire species of Mute Swans so the can introduce the larger Trumpeter Swans for Trophy Waterfowl hunting purposes. The Regal Swan

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