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Black swan in trouble, unexperienced owner
Date: 14 January 2016

My partner bought me 2 one year old black swans for Xmas. We live in Scotland, UK.

6 days ago we found one swan dead, and we now identified that one as being the male. They both lived on a pond with electric fencing against predators. The one that died, had no markings to suggest an attack.

The remaining swan, that was named Bluebell, feels very lonely and seems desperate for company. We go over and see her few times a day and feed her. She is eating.

Within the last 2 days, the temperatures have dropped and the pond froze. The temperature goes down to minus 3 to 5 celsius. This morning she was in a corner that wasn't frozen but then ventured onto the ice. She was hungry too.

We have been looking to get her another male swan and someone can ship one to us on thursday, i.e. 7 days away. I am worried that she will not survive. Been thinking we should bring her in but don't think will catch her. We created a nest like on the edge of the pond in couple of places but she isn't using them. Also I am thinking we have been feeding her the wrong things. A mixture of seeds and barley. My neighbours brought some chicken feed today she enjoyed.

My questions are:
1. would she be ok for another week until another swan arrives. I could undertake a 12-14 hrs journey to try and get the male swan earlier.
2. should we try an bring her inside, given the freezing temperatures in the meantime. The weather forecast is between +1 and -3 celsius with snow
3. are there any particular species of ducks or geese that may get on better with the black swans/ sharing

I will switch the feed as per your advice. Thank you!


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