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Re: Lump under chin
Date: 10 September 2017
In Response To: Re: Lump under chin (The Regal Swan)

Hello, sorry I am very late to read this and respond.

We caught her and while my husband held her I lifted her tongue and under it was very short pieces of grass, etc in a wad so with the help of my daughter we removed it then I rinsed with a syringe however that area now seems somewhat stretched and I see that grass is already "building up" under her tongue. I would estimate that what I removed was approx. 1.5 x .5 " in length. It did not smell bad thankfully but I'm wondering now since it had been there for a month or 2 that it has stretched her skin there. My fault for leaving it as is but I'm a new swan owner and didn't know if that was just a normal thing when they age, however our male didn't have that and it began to get larger so I thought that I should do some research.

Thank you.

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