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Re: 3 Swans a Swimming
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 4 March 2016
In Response To: 3 Swans a Swimming (Tracie)

Hi Tracie:

1. The swan may or may not return. There are several reasons for this uncertainty: the swan was too young and got lost and can't find its way back, unfortunately something may have happened to the swan (injury, predator, etc.), or it found a better habitat and now a mate somewhere in the nearby area.

2. We would strongly suggest that you keep the three swans only. There are no guarantees that the third man out will accept another swan in the habitat and if the other two are already chasing him, another swan would only add to the defending of the habitat. If however, the third swan is harassed to the point that he cannot stay in the water, enter the water, feed, bathe, etc., then you need to find him another home. This constant chasing if he cannot stay in the pond/habitat can cause him stress or to leave the area, start walking around and then be attacked by a domestic dog, cat, human or wild predator. This could result in severe injury and even death if the harassment gets to this point.

So, a new home would be the answer. But, since they were all raised together, we would suggest that you keep them together to see if things can be worked out. Usually, most of the chasing and defensiveness occurs during mating season. If you can pen the mating pair (enclosed in a pen- 1/2 in water and 1/2 on land with zero entrance, feeder inside, zero entrance with straw for nesting and enclosed top bottom to prevent predators from digging under and climbing over into the pond to access the swans), this would get you through the mating/nesting season. The pen should have poultry fencing from the bottom rail up to 4 feet on the perimeter of the pen so that the cygnets cannot get their heads caught in the pen or escape and become separated from the parents (can't get back to the inside of the pen). The cygnets and family should stay in the pen for approximately 4 weeks and then allowed to go out on the pond. This will allow the hormones to settle so that the adult (mating pair and the third swan) can go back onto the pond.

3. This is going to be a recurring issue during each mating season. But, again, the pen will help and they may work this out without separating the three.

Should this not work out and you fear for the safety of any of the swans (adults and cygnets) and you need to find a good home, please contact Bob Knox at Knox Swans and Dogs (847-875-3947) to provide the swan with a good home. The Regal Swan

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