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In Response To: News about Papa/Mama's cygnet, and Tristan/Isolde's cygnet (on the pictures) (Fiona)

Hello Danielle,

I am so sorry to have to report that Mama Swan's cygnet was apparently injured when Mama took her across the road opposite the nest to graze and her leg was hurt late Sunday evening. She, along with Mama, were captured to go to the vet and she died overnight before the vet had the opportunity to see her (she had been away on leave). The preliminary lab report indicates the baby had suffered a broken tibia - we don't know the exact cause but we do know the high risk to all the swans trying to cross that road with unlimited numbers of speeding bicycles. That is the probably cause of death, but there are more lab tests to be run - it takes time.

Tristan and Isolde's little one died yesterday - he may have had internal problems as well - we just don't know at this time, and are awaiting input from Regal Swan who have kindly forwarded our photos to their verterinarian specialists.

We are mourning the loss of our two precious cygnets, and hoping SO MUCH that Marika's lovely little one will survive and grow to be a strong, healthy swan.

Thank you so much for caring, Danielle.
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