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Re: Swan nesting very close to garden
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 16 April 2015
In Response To: Swan nesting very close to garden (Daniela)

Hi Daniela:

Is there any way that the swan may not be able to get out of the garden? If the garden has become overgrown, it may be that the swan does not have enough area to fly. It may not charge you because it is used to you being in the area and working in the garden. However, if you should get to close to the nest, it may charge. Swans are no more aggressive than any other wildlife species, regardless with how the NY DEC tries to portrays them. If you could leave your phone number with the administrator of this website (it will not be publicized) and we'll see if we can help you.

FYI: The NY DEC is planning on killing 1400 free ranging swans in an estimated 2200 flock. The remaining 800 swans will be mutilated (flight portion of their wings amputated so they cannot fly) and then placed in a captive setting. Their eggs will be oiled so they cannot have any more cygnets and the NY DEC will place Trumpeter Swan eggs under the adult swans to incubate the eggs. Then, the Trumpeters will be used for Trophy Waterfowl hunting purposes later. We need everyone's help in stopping this despicable plan. Please let share the following video:

and write a letter to the NY DEC at

The Regal Swan

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