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Re: Lost swan? Lost cygnets?
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 24 September 2017
In Response To: Lost swan? Lost cygnets? (Loren)

Hi Loren:

From the photo, we suspect that this is a male swan, probably juvenile (although not able to determine age just from observation), that was blown off course during the recent heavy rains and wind in the area. The swan will not stay for long because it will not be able to sustain itself on saltwater. More than likely, it will get its bearings and rest a bit and then continue on its way.

Connecticut and other states are killing and controlling Mute Swans, so if you alert state officials to the presence of the swan, there is a possibility that it will be killed. Should the swan stay longer, then you might quietly ask around to various wildlife rehabilitation centers to see if someone might be able to rescue and relocate the swan. Even then, many states are refusing to allow the rescue, treatment and relocation of Mute Swans under a taxpayer hoax which removes these swans to reintroduce the larger swans for Trophy Waterfowl hunting purposes.

This is an extremely inhumane non-scientific basis for removing the Mute Swans, but the misrepresentation of the swans as being non-native, invasive and detrimental to the habitat has been passed along for so many years by unscrupulous wildlife officials, that it is being accepted by the public instead of questioned and stopped. Unfortunately, until the public revolts against this financially unsustainable program, the Mute Swans will be continually killed so that a larger species can be introduced to fill dwindling wildlife budgets with trophy waterfowl hunting permits which are more expensive than regular hunting permits. This is how the federal and state wildlife officials are making their money. The Regal Swan

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