Ask the Swan Specialist

Re: How to feed black swans? Vaccinate against New Castle disease?
Date: 9 March 2015

Hi Dear,

Thanks so much for your kindness and worthy advice.

I have a health issue with a juvenile swan (5 months old). After a long 10-hrs car ride he cannot stand up and hold, however he eats and drinks fine. A vet checked him and did not notice fractures nor something wrong with his legs.

He points out that the long trip may have inmuno depressed and stressed him and he may be right because the swan was in perfect condition in his old farm, swimming and walking..

The vet advised to medicate him Meloxicam (anti-inflammatory and pain reliever) for 3 days along with antibiotics (enrofloxacine 10%) as a prevention measure for 5 days.

What do you think may have happened to the swan? Do you agree with the vet.?. Surely something happened during the trip..

I look forward to hearing from you at your very earliest convenience, best regards, Julian