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Cygnets disappearing
Date: 22 June 2017

I live in a senior gated development. We have fresh lakes. A swan couple had at least 7 cygnets hatch. When they were a couple days old, the swans moved them to a different part of the lake. Seven tiny cygnets who one day became 6, then 4. Mama swan made a small nest and left one cygnet who was already turning white on it and that one died there. This left 3 and they seemed to be thriving for nearly two weeks. (they were born over a month ago) This past Friday & Saturday, one was white, two were gray, they were swimming and feeding a doing well. On Monday, the white one was gone leaving two grayish ones. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday all was good. Today, Thursday there is only one left. These last 3 were small duck size, not little duckling size, but not fully duck size, not newborn cygnet size. So what happens to them, how do they seem fine and next day gone? This so upsets me and others here. Out of 7 only one left and I am afraid that one will disappear too. Where do they go, what happens to them?

I attached a photo of the 4 cygnets from a couple weeks ago.

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