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Re: Mute Swan Cygnet Alone
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 20 February 2018
In Response To: Mute Swan Cygnet Alone (Alicia)

Hi Alicia

Despite all of the misinformation disseminated by federal and state wildlife officials about Mute Swans, they are migratory. These same officials had to admit this in 2004 in a federal appeals court.

Furthermore, in 2014, a Maryland DNR official admitted that there was no environmental impact assessment ever conducted regarding Mute Swans, all but 2 pair were killed and thousands of cygnets and nests destroyed in the Chesapeake Bay. This same official admitted that the killings were conducted under the radar from the public, media and politicians so that the eradication of Mute Swans could be undertaken.

Maryland served and continues to serve as the basis of this non scientific hoax upon the U.S. taxpayer which has cost billions. The ulterior goal is and was to remove Mute Swans (a native, non-invasive and Sentinel species), so that the larger Trumpeter Swans can be introduced as a Trophy Waterfowl for hunting purposes. These unscrupulous killings were conducted under the auspices of the 2004 Migratory Bird Treaty Act which is a bogus unconstitutional change of a Treaty that was never ratified. This Reform Act is and was conducted illegally and the U.S. has been in violation of a Treaty and Convention for the past 14 years. Besides costing the taxpayer billions of dollars in the killing of Mute Swans and introduction of Trumpeter Swans, the U.S. government can now be held financially responsible for the violation by the international court which is going to increase billions of taxpayer dollars being wasted. This program continues in Maryland and other states with the willing knowledge a Treaty is being violated.

Furthermore, this year a non-partisan environmental group, Hudsonia LTD., released a study stating that the government's published research on Mute Swans was outdated, shoddy and in some cases non-existent. This is exactly what the 2004 Federal Appeals Court found, but the government has continued to kill the Mute Swan and beginto the hunting of. Trumpeter Swans

Taxpayers need to contact their elected officials, demand they stop the killiing of Mute Swans, hunting of Trumpeter and Tundra Swans (which are also violations of the Treaty and Convention) and stop the waste of taxpayer monies.

We can see why you do not want to contact your local wildlife officials. As long as the young swan can fly, he is old enough to take care of himself and will probably leave to find his own habitat and mate once springtime returns and the migration season is over. The Regal Swan

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