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Cygnet kidnap
Date: 24 June 2017

Dear swan expert,

There has been a major international incident on the dart near Tuckenhay, Totnes.

We have two local swans on the river, Victoria and Albert. This year they only produced a single cygnet. We noticed that it was no longer with the royal couple!

After searching around fearing that it was snared snagged or dead, it was spotted in the middle of a large gang of Canadian geese!

Has it been kidnapped?

How do we pay the ransom?

It seems happy with the geese though, was it lonely being an only child, a family rift. They seemed such doting, caring parents.

Is there any hope of the royal couple being reunited with their offspring?

In all seriousness any information would be gratefully received. I will try to get a photo if I can get close enough.

Kind regards


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